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Things to Know


Every video we produce is handcrafted to be unique and special - technically architected for its psychological, sociological, and emotional impact on your potential customer. When it comes to creating your video message, we TAKE CHARGE of the creative process.

This kind of "let us handle everything" approach just plain isn't for everybody.

If you're anxious to take the reins on your television production, you're probably also inclined to perform your own brain surgery. You're also probably not going to like it very much that we won't let you look through the camera lens or put make-up on an actress. If co-creation of the spot is what you need, you may want to check out other video production companies, and find one that will let you get in the middle of things.

Once in a while a client sees the final video, and then feels the urge to play director and make... "changes".  Of course, we might start barking! ;-) Just kidding; we know you mean well...

Still up for it? Read on.

Changes Policy

We are compelled to give you the following official-looking notice:


You'll confer with us before production to detail your needs and desires for the message. You'll get to review and okay the script before anything is recorded or edited. During production (writing, recording, editing, etc.), we may confer with one another. When the production is completed, you receive a View Copy (a watermarked preview video copy for your eyes only) - so you can check it out before you give the okay for us to render the final, ready-to-use TV commercial.

  • You review and sign-off on the script before we start recording and editing.
  • You review and sign-off on the final video before we render the digital master.

DRAFTS: We provide a detailed written script to show you what is planned, which you can change, and ultimately sign-off on. We do not send video drafts or intermediate materials, because the look and feel of unfinished video sometimes leads to miscommunication and client panic, resulting in cost overruns for you, and a prolonged, less fruitful production process.

Changes fall into two categories: FREE, that is, the kinds of changes we're happy to do at no extra charge, and A LA CARTE, which is a pay-per-change service.

FREE CHANGES included with your TV commercial production:

As part of our streamlined and affordable service, we include ONE ROUND of simple changes for any of our TV commercial production options:

    1. Telephone number IN TEXT
    2. Web address IN TEXT
    3. Physical street address, company name, logo IN TEXT
    4. Typos and bloopers (example: misspelled word, incorrect offer, etc.) IN TEXT
    5. Simple visual element changes, as determined by the editor
    7. Change audio volume on music or voiceover (but not narration changes) 


A LA CARTE Changes (paid per change) to your TV ad production:

If it's not a typo or blooper, more like a "fix" but not quite a "do-over," A La Carte may be for you.

We follow a "my bad, or your bad" rule - if we made a mistake, we'll fix it, period; if it's on your end, or you simply change your mind (and the change is more than text-only), then we'll request payment for fixing it.

Let's say you've seen your View Copy, and you really don't see any typos or bloopers, but...your ferret-walking business has transformed into a telephone cleaning service, and you really, truly need to change the commercial.  A La Carte lets you make those after-the-last-minute, tactical "fixes" at minimal cost.

Work beyond the scope of FREE changes (outlined above) is priced "a la carte". Typically, depending on the type of change, the rate is at 1/2 the cost of the original work.

Rarely, changes amount to extensive rework that's like a "do over," making the TV ad from scratch - this just about never happens, as clients are always asked to review the script in advance. Rest assured that we never charge more for changes than for a whole new ad.

We try to keep things affordable, so the cost depends on how hard it is to make your change. The director and editor have sole discretion on pricing and execution of such changes. Here are examples of A La Carte changes you might request (not a comprehensive list):

  • EXAMPLES of "A La Carte" changes:
    1. Changes to voiceover narration in audio such as adding and removing spoken words, changing spoken contact information or company name or a slogan. Due to the effort required to change spoken dialogue (re-hiring voice actor, performance, and editing), we sometimes recommend against spoken phone numbers, web addresses, or prices, to avoid issues down the road.
    2. A second version of the same spot, but with different contact information, price, offer, etc.
    3. Stylistic changes to the "look and feel" of the commercial, but retaining the majority of the current visual, graphical, or special effects elements: starting at $599.
    4. "Refresh" your existing Cheap TV Spot to keep it like new: ASK US!
    5. Addition or change of special effects. Fee per effect.
    6. Replacement of music score (often involves re-editing of the video to match the timing of the music). Cost of audio edit and video adjustments.
    7. Stylistic changes to "look and feel" that result in substantially re-building the ad. Cost never to exceed the cost of creating a NEW commercial.


Creative Control Policy

WE'RE A "LET US HANDLE EVERYTHING" KIND OF COMPANY. You, the advertiser, let the Cheap TV Spots™ team get to work.  We listen to you first -- get a feel for what you need to say.  From there we take over the look and feel of the production, using our best Hollywood-bred judgement on what presents your message best.

Honestly, most agencies offer hand-holding and lots of meetings to make a client feel secure, but in reality, these services simply cost you more money, and create endless debate among you and your partners, bogging down your business as well as the TV ad production. Usually, when that agency's client sees all the bits and pieces in a rough state, the client despairs about just how it's all going to turn out, and worries that the ad could be a piece of crap. Ultimately, with all the added client input, you most often get a commercial that suffers from "too many cooks." When fear and compromise take hold, the core idea is destroyed. Yipes!

On the other hand, we've found that when clients see the finished product fresh, they are often pleasantly surprised at how good it looks.

We confer with you beforehand, and ask questions along the way, so you get to pour out your inspiration to our producers, who will incorporate your ideas and needed messages in the best possible way.

Regardless of the Production Option you choose, the Cheap TV Spots Team takes control every step of the way.

Under no circumstances do we allow clients to sit in on editing sessions, and we never send out "rough cuts" or semi-finished versions of any production to soothe your savage curiosity. It just wouldn't be right...

THAT SAID... The script review process allows clients who have contractual or legal needs to have control over how their product or service is presented.

Copyrights and Rights of Use

The production may be made up of video, audio, graphics, and logos supplied to us by you, combined with video, audio, performances, graphics, and written material supplied by us. You, the advertiser, retain all rights to any video, audio, images, graphics, or logos that you supply to us for inclusion in the production. We encourage you, the advertiser, to retain safety copies of any images, graphics, logos, and videos that you provide for use in the video production.

We warrant that any images, video, generated text, graphics, or audio (including music and voice performances) supplied by us for use in the production are properly licensed from their copyright holders; therefore we grant the limited sublicense to them (specifically for display in the finished video production), and for this reason you or your associates do NOT have the right to disassemble the ad or reutilize any video, audio, video effects, or images outside of the explicitly stated uses, except for any original material that was supplied by you, the advertiser.

Payment Terms

All work is prepaid. Payment in full is required prior to commencement of work (or prior to commencement of the next stage in your project on the Pay-As-You-Go track). We provide a time-intensive custom service and there are no refunds after purchase, as outlined in our Refund Policy.

Where our services are purchasable via PayPal, these services will display the price you pay and a "Buy Now" button or "Add to Cart" button, for your convenience. When you pay via PayPal, you can use your PayPal account or a major credit card.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

If you are ordering any services other than those available on our Order Form, you will receive an invoice from us. All invoices are due upon receipt. If the invoice is a PayPal invoice, you may pay via your PayPal account or credit card. We accept Cashier's Check, Certified Bank Check, Bank Wire, or Money Orders. Please make checks payable to Academy Leader, Inc.

• Returned Checks, Stop-Payment, Non-Sufficient Funds

In accordance with Florida Dishonored Check Law, Academy Leader, Inc. is authorized to assess a collection fee for each check/draft item returned, in the amount of the service fee incurred by us at our business bank, or 5-percent of the face amount of the instrument, whichever is greater. The maker of the dishonored payment may satisfy the amount owed via Money Order or Cashier's Check (or equivalent) only, and payment must include any returned check fees that have been incurred by us, within 30 days of the date that the payer's check was returned by our business bank unpaid.

Refund Policy

We do not commence work on any video production project until the agreed upon payment is received from you.

Once work has started, there are no refunds. When payment is received, work on your production or consultation/evaluation commences.

Creating a television commercial message is a time-intensive, custom service. For this reason, we do not offer refunds after purchase, which you are responsible for understanding at the time of payment for our services.

Cancellations - If, after purchase of our services, you desire to cancel, please note our refund policy. Under certain circumstances we can postpone your production work for a limited time.

Why? Two words: time and resources. Labor and materials. Lots of time (work hours) and resources (equipment & supplies) are expended to create even the most simple video production. Like you, our team members, contractors, and vendors expect to be paid for what they do, and pronto. One way we are able to do the magic we do is that we pay our bills promptly and fairly.

Producing video is not as simple as buying a shirt off the rack, or ordering a plate of spaghetti at your local eatery. If you sent us your spaghetti back, we'd be fine with a refund -- heck, we'd kick in a free drink next time you visit, just for your trouble. TV production, on the other hand, is what people in the Industry call "a giant pain in the *** ". Remember, we operate on a "bare bones" budget -- which is pretty tough for dogs.  Once your ad is made, it's made.

It's not a bad deal, when you consider that your entire finished production costs less than what you'd typically pay just for the retainer fee at the retail-priced agencies.


Our video productions come with the following warranties.

  • Our Freshness Guarantee: Your business is unique. Your video production should be unique. Every production is made individually, from custom elements. We do not use ad "templates" or "boilerplates."
  • Each video production is made in the United States by real television professionals.
  • All productions will not intentionally infringe on the copyrights of any third party (with the exception of any rights issues concerning images, video, and audio you supply to us for use in your production).
  • All finished videos will be delivered in Broadcast Standard ready-to-air format or other agreed-upon format.
  • All files will be of high technical quality and suitable for upload to video hosting channels.
  • We offer a generous, 7-year Air-It-Yourself license that allows you to play the video production on any outlet or platform you desire, including cable TV, broadcast TV, broadband, your website, and social sites.
  • You, the advertiser, will have the exclusive right to broadcast or stream the video, free of any ongoing licensing fees to our production company.

Communication Policy

We communicate with clients primarily via e-mail.

You must have a reliable e-mail address to engage our services.

Cheap TV Spots™ strives to provide prompt and courteous communications with all of our clients, and in return, we expect the same courtesy from our clients. We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual or company, within the guidelines of state and federal law.

Earnings Disclaimer

You recognize that any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital. Any examples or suggestions regarding advertising campaigns on the Site are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results, and you understand there is no guarantee you will duplicate the results provided in any examples on the Site. Individual success will be determined by a combination of circumstances, including the advertiser's desire, dedication, background, effort, and motivation to work and succeed in business, as well as the current and future market potential for a product or service.