About Us

Why did we start CheapTVSpots.com?

Working in the film and television industries, we found that when we needed production services for our own projects we had two choices: too expensive, or too cheesy. We couldn't find the right combination of affordable video production services and high-concept results with a big budget look.

We decided to take the skills we learned from our Hollywood film and broadcast TV experience to branch out on our own. We decided to build THE BETTER AD AGENCY, starting from the ground, up. This BETTER AD AGENCY we wanted to create had to be CHEAP - FAST - and IN CONTROL. It had to be a real service, not just a do-it-yourself form, or cookie-cutter ad factory. The TV commercials had to be of unparalleled excellence. No schlock. No canned, fill-in-the-blank hooey.

We put together our production team, assembling our own studio equipment, talent roster, and media contacts. We created some TV show concepts, which also helped us hone our skills. Then we began to offer TV ad production directly to local businesses. The first handful of TV commercials we made for local business people were met with praise for their quality, so we kept at it. Our budget-friendly TV commercials started winning award after award, and we knew we had the recipe right.

As we built our customer base, we discovered we could serve small businesses across the United States with a better video production than they could get from local cable TV and broadcast producers, and save them money, too. Seeing the opportunity for online businesses to tap into the power of TV advertising and web video, we began making TV and web video to promote web-born businesses, too. Our team developed into a full-service TV advertising agency.

We've been producing video together for fun and profit since 2001. We're not a media conglomerate; this helps us more fully understand the needs of small and medium sized businesses, and inspires us to provide the quality we'd want, as a customer.

WE'VE EVOLVED into a full-service video production agency providing a complete solution for your video needs.

MADE IN USA: We produce all of our commercials and web video in the United States. We don't "outsource" the work overseas to cut corners.

Helping American small businesses grow lets us follow our passion for impactful TV/web video production, while we help boost small business owners (who would otherwise struggle for attention) with advertising via the most powerful advertising medium: video.

Why the funny name, "Cheap TV Spots"?

The web was young, and so were we. We thought, "What do most businesses really want in a TV advertising agency - a fancy, expensive-sounding name, or a good, honest deal?" We wanted a name that's bold, funny, yet explains exactly what we do.

Our Philosophy

We've knocked down the biggest barrier for small and new businesses to advertise on television - the complexity and cost of producing a professional level TV commercial - with our economical, affordable, superior quality Cheap TV Spots! We're pouring our Hollywood-earned experience and creativity into each TV ad we make.

Why would experienced filmmakers and television professionals want to make TV commercials?  It's fun!  As prominent advertising theorist and all around media guy Marshall McLuhan once said, "Advertising is the greatest art form of the twentieth century." This grows even more true as we move through the New Millennium.

TV commercials have always been the most creative and dynamic form of advertising, but that creativity doesn't have to be only for the "Big Guys."

Did we really earn hundreds of TV Commercial Production AWARDS...? Yes - all by ourselves. To see a few examples of our work, check out our Demo!

"Cheap TV Spots™" is a service of Academy Leader, Inc., a multifaceted media company, offering services in all 50 U.S. States. Academy Leader, Inc. spans broadcast, cable, video, motion picture, and internet venues.

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Our "Pedigrees"

We're just a happy bunch, excited to present your company's unique products and services to TV audiences. We want to help you fetch new potential customers through the unbeatable power of television advertising.




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